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Downloading the 2017 version of Basic Knowledge 101

After a $5.00 Donation is made, you will be sent a link to all the BK101 files for the 2017 version. You can then share the files with other students, but you may not sell the files or content. Fair Use

Every person who makes a 5 Dollar Donation will have free access to all future versions of BK101, including the 2020 version that will have the Artificial Intelligent Teaching Avatar that will include easy to follow lessons and self testing features. All future versions will have added content, updates and corrections. The 2017 version of BK101 is not the finished product. But there are 200 pages to read that have lots of valuable knowledge and information, so enjoy. Feel free to organize BK101 2017 for your personal needs. And please feel free to send us your comments.

This is an offline option. This makes it easy to share and also saves time because you don't have to copy and paste one section or one page at a time. And having the complete website along with its code can be used to teach website development. And having the entire website also allows more people to have access. This will also make it easy to translate BK101 into other languages.

Instructions for Downloading Files and Folders

Depending on your internet connection download speeds, you may find it easier to download some folders one at a time. You can then view all the files offline without needing an internet connection, but you will not have access to the links that are located on the internet.

Note: All HTML files and folders must be downloaded to your computer in order for the website to function properly in a web browser, which is the only format currently available at this time. You will also need adobe software to view PDF files that are available for downloading.

Folders for Pages to Work

Note: Donations can not be refunded at this time. But we will help you and assist you if you have any issues or problems with the website.

In the near future BK101 will be available on Jumpdrives like the one below so that you can carry BK101 with you and also make it easy to share with people and other computer devices.

Lego Brick Jump Drive

The Thinker Man