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It's knowing What to Learn?   When to Learn it?   How to Learn it?   And Knowing Why you need to Learn it? 

So Where do I Start?  Good Question.

Based on your current needs and situation, how do you determine what knowledge and information is the most valuable to you at this time?

Of course Learning how to Read is the first step because 80% of the worlds most valuable knowledge and information is in writing. The next step after that is learning to Fully Comprehend what you're reading. Then you need to read the right things at the right time. Learning subjects in the right order makes new knowledge easier to understand and also speeds up the learning process, it also helps you to retain knowledge that you have already learned because you will need to recall it in order to understand new knowledge and new information. This is why jumping ahead or trying to learn things out of order is ineffective because you will fail to make the necessary connections in order to understand how to use this new knowledge and when to use it. So you may waste valuable time and also ruin your opportunity to learn correctly. Each subject that you learn has a reason, it might not be obvious to you at the beginning but as you learn over time you will eventually understand the accumulative effect of knowledge, information and skills, which builds up over time creating a greater understanding of your self and the world around you. This is when the power of knowledge starts to materialize. Your strength and your abilities will grow as you learn more and more each day. Know the purposes of education and Know your priorities.

Linear vs. Non-linear Learning


Scan all the subjects on this website. Use the Site Map or Subject Page. You can also use the Back and Forth Navigation Arrows found on each Subject Page to browse through pages. For now, what subjects you study first is up to you. Until a Questionnaire is created that would accurately determine your needs and where you should start your education, this knowledge and information resource is mostly self-directing. Learn things in the right order, learn at your own pace, learn in your own time, learn in your own environment, and learn using your own personal methods for learning and testing yourself. After learning what all the words mean in a particular subject, read the subject fully again but this time understand why some words are associated with one another and where in the definitions of these words are the connections the strongest? Then ask, how does this increase my understanding of this subject? And when would this information be relevant?.

You could easily teach yourself from this information and knowledge, but it will be even easier to learn from this website when all the data is designed into logically ordered lessons so that you can learn the right things at the right time.

Note: When the lessons are being created, some of the comments and personal notes within the research will not be included using the exact same words or the exact same language. The goal of education is to teach, and not just to preach.

Editor's Warning:
This website contains some language that some readers may find offensive. Not all the views and opinions expressed in BK101 represent the views of BK101. Don't assume that something is a 100 percent accurate just because you read it here. And don't believe everthing you read on a Wikipedia page either. Some writers on Wikipedia like to sneak in their world view when writing, and this is not about writing guidelines, this is an attempt to persuade people to interpret the writing in a particular way, which is not the most accurate way, so you need to be aware. And this is not unique to just Wikipedia, but all media is distorted to some degree. Some words are just used to mimic ignorance and are not meant to express any kind of agreement with ignorance. That is why Reading Comprehension is so extremely important. Focus on the facts of the message, if any, and don't let other words distract you. This is why Media Literacy is also extremely important. The goal is to train yourself to be a professional learner, where only the best information gets through and only the best information and knowledge gets stored.

Teach is to impart Skills or Knowledge to. Teachers Pledge
Facilitation is any activity that makes tasks for others easy, or tasks that are assisted.
Facilitator is someone who makes progress easier. Saves people time
Knowledge Management - Knowledge Base

is to speak, plead, or argue in favor of.

I can tell you what to learn, and I can tell when is the best time to learn a certain subject, but it is still up to you to learn, and you still have to decide how to balance your life between living and responsibilities. I can provide you with the most valuable knowledge and information, but it is still up to you to learn, and it's up to you to remember that one of your biggest responsibilities in life is "Learning". Remember, Knowledge gives you Power, Power gives you Control, Control gives you Freedom, Freedom gives you Potential, and Potential gives you Endless Possibilities. Live, Learn, Love and Progress.

Every problem that you will ever face in your life can be solved, but you will have to learn how to solve it. So don't delay building your foundation of knowledge. Acquire the most valuable information and skills that you have available. Especially knowing that you will use them everyday of your life.

You don't want to force people to learn, especially when they are not ready to learn something, or, if they need to learn something else first, or, if they have more important responsibilities to take care of. You want to make sure that students have access to the worlds most valuable knowledge and information. So when they are ready to learn, they can.
BK101 Knowledge Base

You shouldn't think of me as your teacher, or assume that you are learning directly from me. It's better that you see me as just one of the many people who are providing you with valuable knowledge and information. It is up to you to teach yourself and to learn about knowledge and information. Knowledge and information has been accumulated over hundreds of years by millions of people throughout history. I didn't create knowledge, I discovered knowledge that was already there, because I'm not the first person to have discovered knowledge. So I am mostly rediscovering things that have been lost, or misplaced.

Knowledge and Information is not coming directly from me, it is coming from life itself as I learn from life. And I'm just getting started in 2017, even though I've been learning fulltime for 9 years. So you're not here for me, you are here for the millions of people who contributed to my education. People who shared knowledge and information. Though I am 55 in 2015, I am still a teenager in the mind, and I'm still a student, so that makes you one of my teachers, and together, we will create the most effective education on the planet. Remember, you are not that far behind me, and I am definitely not that far ahead of you. So you must look beyond me, and don't look up to me or down to me. Focus on the facts, and don't get distracted by the background noise that has been generated from my life experiences. Look beyond me, look beyond the horizon. Because I am also looking beyond the horizon. And eventually we will see the same things, but only if we can accurately describe what we see.

Learning is like climbing a mountain, but I can't see the top of this mountain, all I know is that the higher I climb, the more I see, and the more I see, the more I know, and the more I know, the more I see. The view is breathtaking and awe-inspiring, way beyond an epiphany, or enlightenment, or a great awakening. You have to experience it.

"Just because you don't see something or know something, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist."

And don't think of me as the source, think of me as the Medium and the Curator, so whether you like me or not, that does not matter, what matters is the knowledge and the information, focus on that, not me.  

Horizon is the line that divides all visible directions. The range of interest or activity that can be anticipated.  Future

I can give you guidance, I can give you advice, I can even share with you my experience with knowledge and information, but it is up to you to learn, and it's up to you to use knowledge and information to the best of your abilities. If a teacher is not teaching the student how to be smarter then they are, then the teacher is failing, not the student. The main goal of teaching is teaching the student how to effectively and accurately teach themselves so that learning continues to thrive beyond the school walls.

I'm not going to make you intelligent, knowledge and information will make you intelligent. But only if the knowledge is learned in the most accurate sequence and in the right amounts that would create the most effective learning experience. The end result is intelligence, whether it's human intelligence, or machine intelligence.

I'm not intelligent, I'm on a quest to find out what it is to be intelligent. So I first need to discover what being intelligent is and know how to accurately measure Intelligence, which will always need to be changed and update as we learn more. I can tell you how to go from point A to point B, and the benefits of that choice, but I cannot guarantee you that choice will be the best thing for you because you may have different choices and different options where you live, and you may also have different experiences. The most valuable skill that I can teach you is how to be a self-directed learner. Because if you have to depend on a teacher or a school to learn, then you will never learn enough, and you will never become intelligent and skillful with unlimited potential.

Everyone has there own experience with knowledge, that is because everyone is learning different things at different times, and learning in different ways. But we know one thing for sure, without information being stored or shared, every cell and every seed could not produce life, so life would not exist. Nothing is void of information, for even rocks have a story to tell.

The knowledge and information provided here explains a lot about ourselves and the world, but it doesn't explain everything. But it's enough knowledge and information to make you the smartest person that you can possibly be. With more intelligence, more skills, and more abilities then you ever thought of having. With more control, more power, more freedom, more potential, and more possibilities. This should be the goal of every school and university on the planet, but sadly it is not. Schools today are mostly just job training facilities that create worker drones and mindless consumers who are addicted to money, and manipulated by money. So much so, that students lack an accurate understanding of themselves and the world around them. And this is why one of the main goals of BK101, which is to educate people to be Intelligent. So that intelligent people can lead this world into a better future of prosperity, and away from a world that is mostly in decline, and in decay, which is where we are right now.

Drone: An aircraft without a pilot that is operated by Remote Control.    Autonomous

All teaching and preaching must be Presented with Evidence, Research, Facts and Experiences. But students are still responsible for the validity of all knowledge and information they receive. They have to make sure that progress continues in the realm of what is known, and what is not known. Not having enough knowledge can cause vulnerabilities, and it could also be extremely dangerous if you learn the wrong things at the wrong time.

I have spent 8 years since 2008 gathering Information and knowledge. Though information and Knowledge extraction is an ongoing process, the transition from Research to Development is just beginning. (2016)

Organizing information and knowledge is an ongoing process. So you will see changes and improvements as time goes on, especially with how the information and knowledge is presented. You need to organize information and knowledge in several different ways so that it can be utilized in more then one way, and also be adjusted for unique applications. (Smartphone Apps is one example of how organized information can be used to produce a particular outcome) Saves more then just time, it saves energy, resources and people, that's if you're not always using it to entertain yourself, because that would be a total waste. That is why having Balance is so important, it helps remind you that you're still alive. Remember, everyone has the ability to Learn.

If you do feel that you need more help or guidance then please contact us for further assistance. Eventually we will have 24/7 education assistance that will help assist and guide people, as well as tutor and teach people about things that they would like to Learn.  

Information Stations

Scanning the entire website will give you an overall picture of what a complete high quality education should look like as a whole.

The goal is to create a visible representation and a timeline so that a student can easily determine where they are, and where they need to be, in reference to their education needs. This is your base knowledge, Knowledge and information that you would normally use everyday of your life. Not all of it, and not all the time of course, just the information and knowledge that is important for your particular needs. Please don't worry if you do not understand some of the subjects and material. If you keep learning you will eventually understand. If you stop learning, you will never understand and you will never become aware of your full potential, or make use of the abilities and the intelligence that is inside you.

Site Map
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5 Core Subjects
Knowledge Base
What a BK101 look like as a Regular School Building

This website continually improves and grows almost everyday. So please visit as often as you can.
Feel free to Download or Copy text so that you can read the information later offline when you have some free time.
The goal is to make the entire curriculum into approximately 20,000 hours of Knowledge Lessons, Information and Skills.
Then have the entire curriculum digitized so that it can be delivered to people on small jump drives that can run on any computer or smart phone. People could then educate themselves in their own time and in their own chosen environment, as well as test themselves and evaluate their performance and progress....More..

A Large List of More Academic Disciplines (wiki)
Outline of Education (wiki)

You don't have to know all the information on this website, the important thing is, in order for you to be accurate with your understanding of the world, you have to know how to verify truth and accuracy. So this is why all this information and knowledge is here, for you to verify what information and knowledge is accurate and valuable. Sometimes you need to explore a little deeper into certain subjects in order for you to see the whole picture, Happy Travels.

The links that you click on may not have the answers that you're looking for, the link may in fact be asking more questions. If you're not sure if you need to follow the link, just mouse over the link to read its destination page at the bottom of the browser.

At the moment this is the most complete high quality education that there is in the world. And this knowledgebase is not even finished, or has it reached its full potential. Because expansion of knowledge, and the potential of Knowledge, will mostly depend on you. You will be the one who will take knowledge to the next level. Maybe by increasing the effectiveness of teaching, or maybe by adding to the knowledgebase, or maybe even by increasing the understanding of knowledge and how it should be used, or maybe by creating something that hasn't even been thought of yet.

Starting your education. Preferably you would want your education to start at birth and have accurate documentation about what you were taught and when. The approximate time to finish your Basic Knowledge 101 education would depend on your current level of knowledge and your test results that confirm a complete understanding of the knowledge. There will be no Grading. That is why accurate Testing methods are extremely important. Everyone graduating Basic Knowledge 101 will be an honor student.

Hour Glass

Approximate Education Timeline:

35 Hours a week  X  45 weeks a year  = 1,575 Hours of knowledge. 1,575 Hours X 13 Years = 20,475 Hours.
So If a child started their education at the age of 3, in 13 years a person could graduate with a college education by their 16th birthday. Having enough skills and knowledge to to pursue any career, any goal, any dream or any form of higher education.
And at the same time provide a person with a good understanding about themselves and the world around them. 10,000-Hours Rule

Each Subject and Discipline will have several Categories. Some Subjects will be related to other Subjects and share common information and skills. When these relationships and associations are understood, the student will be able to formulate that particular knowledge and skill correctly and apply that information when needed. 

Simultaneous Subject Teaching in Logically Ordered Steps
Principles of Engineering

Subject Structures are Formed using Hyperlinks and Context.  (View Hyperlinks as Questions and not just Answers)   
Word Matrix

Most knowledge and information is connected in one way or another. These associations help formulate knowledge so that it can be applied correctly to any given situation. That is why simultaneous subject teaching is so important. Not only does it speed up the learning process, it also produces a better understanding of knowledge and information and how it's used to reach particular goals.

Saving Time:
When you help people learn valuable knowledge, you save them the time of having to learn the knowledge by themselves. When you deliver relevant information and knowledge to people, you save people the time of having to search for that information and knowledge themselves. What if there were no schools, where would you learn? And what would you learn? What if there were no news papers or TV news programs, how would you know what's happening around you and happening the world? If I can save time for millions of people, that would save more energy and create more potential energy then every barrel of oil that was ever used in the last 100 years. I just don't want to help people learn valuable knowledge and skills, I also want to show people how to learn effectively on their own. I also want to show people how to save time, so they can have more time to enjoy themselves, and more time to help others, and more time to help teach others how to save time. Millions of people have saved me a tremendous amount of time from the products and services that they have produced, so I'm just passing this favor forward, to honor their lives, and the lives of future generations.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” - Benjamin Franklin

"Devoting my life to a cause is nothing new. Many people throughout history have given their lives for a cause, and many more will continue to give their lives for a cause in the future, it's human nature."

"You want people to learn fast, but not too fast, because they might overlook something important"  

Logically-Ordered Steps

FYI: For Your Information

Everyone is on a Need to Know Basis. You need to know a considerable amount of information and knowledge in order to be prepared for life in the 21st Century, and beyond. You will not be Denied extremely important Information and knowledge that is necessary for you to be fully aware of yourself and the world around you. You will not be compartmentalized or isolated from what is known about the world and about the Human body. You Need to Know.

Having the correct amount of knowledge and skills gives a person more potential, more value, more choices and more possibilities in their life. The things you could achieve will seem endless. There are numerous advantages to having particular knowledge and skills, so it only makes sense to know which particular knowledge and skills are the most important. Knowledge and skills are the building blocks of your life. The stronger your foundation, the more you can build upon and grow. Knowing why you need to learn something is extremely important. You have to know the benefits that a particular piece of knowledge or skill will give you. You also have to know the negative aspects and difficulties that you will face if you do not learn a particular piece of knowledge or learn a particular skill. And once a person fully understands the benefits of knowledge, and the negative results of not having knowledge, 99% of the time a person will choose the path that provides them with the biggest reward.

You don't have to know everything, you just have to know when you need more knowledge and information, and know where to find it. You need to learn a little more about yourself and the world around you each day in order to grow and develop. And this growing and developing is a life long process, because you can never learn everything that you need to know, so you have to pick and choose wisely what you need to learn.  

What do you Know? Some Stuff that's Worth Mentioning.
I know
What we know so far

 "You don't have to know all the information on this website, the important thing is, in order for you to be accurate with your understanding of the world, you have to know how to verify truth and accuracy. So this is why all this information and knowledge is here, for you to verify what information and knowledge is accurate and valuable. Sometimes you need to explore a little deeper into certain subjects in order for you to see the whole picture, Happy Travels."

The Thinker Man