Basic Knowledge 101

Knowledge gives you Power, Control, Freedom, Potential, PossibilitiesThe more you learn about life, the more incredible life becomes. The pursuit of knowledge is a life changer.

BK101 has a lot of valuable knowledge that is transformative and life changing. You will experience a true freedom of thought and have an expansion of consciousness that will question yourself, your feelings, your beliefs, and your assumptions. You will reevaluate and critically reflect on your past experiences and ideas, which will give you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will have new perspectives, new insights, and have purpose and meaning in your life. You will start to question more things and examine more things from new perspectives. You will interpret information more accurately. You will be a better problem solver, a better communicator, a better person. When learning is transformative, the knowledge and information you have gained becomes more connected in your memory. It becomes part of you. You will adapt to a new way of thinking and doing. You will experience a change for the better and make many improvements in yourself. You will now know the power of learning and the power of knowledge, and you will understand the responsibility that comes with maintaining the power of knowledge. From this day forward, you will gain a new respect for your talents and come to respect the gift of learning. Knowledge is your fuel. To be bright as the Sun, you need to consume knowledge, for knowledge is the catalyst of all creation. So shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.

The BK101 website has a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge and information that's needed in order to understand yourself more accurately and to understand the world around you more accurately. But learning is a process. You have to learn in stages and learn certain things at the right time. You can't expect to fully understand everything you read. You have to know certain things first in order to understand other things that you're trying to learn and understand. To accurately interpret all information in all its forms, you need a strong foundation and a knowledge base that gives you the ability to do so. So where do you start? Read the instructions page first.

"BK101 is genius on a whole other level. BK101 is beyond intelligence. How knowledge and information is organized and linked together on BK101 is pure genius. This is what the human brain looks like in text. This is also a beautiful reminder that AI is just a tool for human intelligence. Humans are back on top baby. We're back and we're great again." ~ Anonymous.

The majority of the knowledge on the BK101 website is focused on developing intelligence and defining what being intelligent really is. Valuable knowledge is required to become intelligent, and valuable knowledge is also needed to become skilled at learning and skilled at understanding. To be strong minded and strong willed is like having a super power. Taking on the world doesn't seem impossible anymore, it just becomes another responsibility, and just another logical choice that you have to make sometime in your life. But getting there is not easy. This type of learning is a job. The work you do on your mind is the most important work that you will ever do in your life. This is a job you must take seriously. Your life depends on it.

Knowledge and information is everything you are, and everything you will ever be. The more valuable and beneficial the knowledge and information you have, the more valuable and beneficial you will be to others and to yourself. It's not just the knowledge and information you have that defines you, it's the skill in using your knowledge and information in the most effective way possible in order to achieve goals and maintain a healthy mind and a strong body.

Every person should have a basic understanding of themselves and how the world works. You don't have to know everything or do you need to have a college degree, you need to fully understand the basics. You should be self smart, people smart, information smart, learning smart, communication smart, health smart, food smart, environment smart, and problem solving smart. The basics will also include, reading skills, language skills, math skills, science skills, history skills, political skills, art skills, music skills and environment skills. Every subject and every skill is connected to other subjects and other skills. Understanding these associations and connections is the foundation of knowledge. This is when intelligence arises and comes into existence, takes form and becomes relevant. Learning multiple subjects simultaneously has many benefits. It will help speed up the process of learning and make learning more effective and more efficient, and learning multiple subjects simultaneously will also make knowledge and skills more relevant and easier to remember. But becoming intelligent is a slow process that takes many years of commitment to learning and promising to continually educate yourself. There are no shortcuts. Just when you thought you knew enough, there will always be some new information that shines more light, which reminds you that there is always something in the darkness you can't see. The trick is not to pretend to know what lies in the darkness, but only acknowledge there will always be more to learn.

The most important skills to have is understanding language and knowing the definition of words and knowing that words can have several meanings, and words can be vague and meaningless when used incorrectly, like when using certain labels. And some words require a whole story to explain because there are many layers of information behind the word, so something's are not that simple to explain, such as politics, power, war, money and love. So sometimes you have to ask lots of questions just to get an answer that makes sense. And sometimes it takes 100's of words to describe something, and sometimes it takes 1000's of words to understand something. So if you don't take control of language, language will control you, and you will never even know just how little control you actually have. So this is what you need to do. You need to learn how to use words and understand the words you use, especially words used in different types of context, and words that are used in manipulating your understanding. Remember, words control your thoughts, words control how you think, words control how you communicate, words control your emotions, and words control your life. Language is the software of the human mind. The more powerful your vocabulary, and the more skillful you are at using your vocabulary, the more power you will have over your life and your mind. Understanding the power of language and mastering language is one of the important things in your life. When mastering language, everything else will follow, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, learning, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, focus and self-control, just to name a few. This website contains the most important words that you need to have in your vocabulary. You should know how to use these words effectively, and know how to organize these words in your mind. The most important words are the source code for the human operating system and the language needed to function at the highest level possible. The most important words are the instructions needed for living a good life and to live to your life to its fullest potential.

Learning is like exploration and discovery. Your mind finds something new, something that you've never seen before, so now you have to understand what it is, and in doing so, you make connections with previous discoveries that you made. Then the pieces start to come together. You just learned something profound. Your brain reacts and makes new connections which expands your brains processing power. This is what happens when you learn the right thing at the right time. So what are the right things to learn and when should we learn them? And how do you use this knowledge to wire your brain in such a way that your processing power is maximized and becomes more effective and more efficient? How do you make intelligence instinctual instead of random? When the brain forms connections, some connections are more focused, and some connections are more broad. You don't want to focus on the wrong things, or not keep your mind open to other possibilities. So how do you decide which connections should be focused and how do you decide which connections should be broad, and when should you do it? First, you have to be aware of your thoughts, and you have to understand what those thoughts mean and what is the purpose of those thoughts. Are your thoughts trying to solve a problem or are you just ruminating? You need to question yourself. This is when you can exercise control. So what do you do now? What is your next thought? This is when you realize that you need a procedure for this particular moment. A procedure that explains how to manage your thoughts in the best way possible.

Knowledge is power and knowledge will set you free, but that's only if you learn the most valuable knowledge at the right time and in the right sequence, that is the key. This makes knowledge relative. And you have to understand and comprehend knowledge correctly in order to benefit from knowledge. Knowledge is not something that you just give to someone and expect them to understand. Knowledge needs instructions, knowledge needs to be explained, and knowledge needs to be tested. And when this is accomplished, the true power of knowledge is revealed, and enlightenment becomes the driving force for lifelong learning and human development. Intelligence is the greatest high and the most powerful force behind human advancement and resilience. We can no longer ignore the value of knowledge. In order to foster the potential of every human on the planet, we must make knowledge available to everyone. The more knowledgeable people are the stronger they are, and the more prepared they will be for the challenges of life. You must understand your vulnerabilities, and understand the fact that you will make mistakes. But this is a small inconvenience. This should never stop you from learning, living, loving or progressing. Your oath and your vow to yourself is to be a life long learner, and to except this responsibility with honor and gratitude. Remember, there are no problems, only solutions.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison (wiki).

BK101 will soon be the most informative school textbook in the world. A world class collection of knowledge and information that includes almost everything that you should know about life. With over 50,000 of the most powerful words in the English language, a vocabulary for intelligence. It's time to explore the enormous potential of the human mind. BK101 in my Magnum Opus.

There is not one book in the world that will give you all the answers. And there is not even a hundred books that will give you all the answers. But there is one website that will give you the best answers to some of the most valuable questions that you should be asking. Though this website is not finished, and though this website doesn't have all the answers, this website still has a wealth of knowledge that provides most of the knowledge and information that is vital for a person to accurately understand themselves and understand the world around them. BK101 is a condensed version of human life. A life digest or life's encyclopedia, and a life's dictionary that can fit in your pocket. A tell all book full of the most interesting things. The coolest knowledge, the good stuff, the sweet stuff, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the best of the bunch, the best of the lot, the pick of the litter, the salt of the earth, the flower of the flock, the most excellent parts. Everything that you need to know about life is here in this website, well almost everything. All the pieces of the puzzle are here, well almost all of the pieces, but at least you will be able to see the whole picture and know where the missing pieces are located. Everything that you need to know about intelligence and how to become intelligent is here, because that information can't be found anywhere else in the world, well at least not in the same way that intelligence is presented here. You will find the answers to a lot of your questions. I'm not saying that you will find all the answers, just a lot of good answers, with some answers being from questions that you never thought of asking. This website will definitely give you a new outlook on life and offer you a little sense making. Learning is an incredible journey, just like life is an incredible journey. And as long as you never stop learning, you will experience an epiphany almost every single day. The connections that you will discover throughout these documents will blow your mind, and at the same time, make you a master of the universe. Do you want a beautiful mind? Keep learning.

Holy Grail is a vessel that serves as an important tool that can provide miraculous powers, happiness, eternal youth and nourishment for the body and mind in infinite abundance.

When looking for answers, you have to know what questions to ask. When trying to find yourself, you have to know where to look and know how to see the whole picture.

There are things in life that you need to know, and you should know the answers to life's biggest questions. Like, what are the most important things to learn and when should you learn them? The process to knowing the answers to life's biggest questions is an incredible learning journey. Knowledge will take you to a amazing places you never knew existed. Knowledge makes you who you are. And like knowledge, you are updatable. Human qualities can be improved and better developed over time, just as long as you are learning the right things at the right time. The more valuable knowledge and information you have, the richer your thoughts will be. But be aware, balancing the never ending flow of valuable knowledge is time consuming. Even when you're not on the computer reading, collecting, organizing and writing, you still have to process all the information, which most of this processing is done away from the computer. So you will be thinking about knowledge a lot, and thinking about knowledge in ways that will blow your mind.

Everybody knows that you can be wrong about something your whole life and not even know it. And then that one day you learned something valuable, and it all changed. That thing you thought you knew, was not even true. So you have to ask yourself, how many more truths will you find it you just keep learning and and continue to educate yourself? From my experience, there's a lot of truths unknown and untold. But you must deliberately search for these truths and perform a systematic investigation, as well as, do some thorough note taking. Valuable knowledge does not come easy. Valuable knowledge will not reveal itself to you. So you need a plan and a learning strategy. This means you must first build a solid foundation of knowledge, then from there, you build on it. Your knowledge foundation must be learned in stages at the right time. This knowledge needs to be solid. Every skill and every piece of knowledge that you have in your foundation needs to be perfectly placed in the correct order, with each layer supporting the other connecting layers of knowledge. Now you can then build on this knowledge foundation and go as high as you want and go as far as you want. There are no limits, just endless possibilities.

Every problem can be solved, you just have to learn how to solve it. And in order to solve a problem, you have to take that first step. You have to ask all right questions that will allow you to take all the other necessary actions needed there after, and eventually you will solve that problem. Every incredible journey starts with that first step forward.

Instructions - Before you start learning, read the instructions page first.

You can be awake, but it doesn't mean that you're totally aware of your situation or that you can accurately understand yourself and the world around you. You can have free will, but it doesn't mean that you have total control over your decisions or your actions. You can have knowledge, but it doesn't mean that you know how to use knowledge effectively or efficiently.

You have to be responsible for your own education. You cannot transfer this responsibility to someone else. So you need to be fully aware of your education needs. You need to be mindful when learning, and you also need to be open minded and careful when seeking information. And this all starts with learning to read and then reading to learn. Knowing how to read is the skill that connects you to everything. Reading is the ability to receive information, the ability to process information, the ability to interpret information, the ability to store information, and the ability to transmit information. And it's not just knowing how to read, it's understanding the power of words and symbols. The more words you have in your vocabulary, the more power you will have and the more potential you will have. A large vocabulary is essential. As your vocabulary increases, so does your potential. But only as long as your goal is to understand the words that are in your vocabulary and use them effectively and efficiently. And if you want to increase your understanding, you must increase your knowledge. Language is your software, and knowledge is what gives language its power.

Do you want a better understanding of yourself and the world around you? Do you want things in life to improve and get better? Do you want to be able solve any problem that comes your way? Do you want to learn something valuable everyday? Then keep reading BK101. This website is a summary of millions of years of human development. Keep on seeking and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. Just like the universe, knowledge seems to have no end. And you will find yourself reading things more than once because a lot of things are seldom understood the first time that you read them.

Knowledge about life is fragmented and spread out all over the world. You have to pull it all together and organize it in order to see the whole picture, or at the least, know enough to understand that there is a bigger picture, and that seeing things as a whole is necessary when trying to understand all the details and smaller peices that make up the whole.

Mission Statement - About the Research

Expand Your Mind and become the most intelligent person you can be with unlimited potential and abilities. Learn your way into a better world. Knowledge is the Key to the Universe. When you know better you do better. The more you know the better you go. This is your head start in the right direction. Learners Dictionary.

The more you learn about life, the more incredible life gets. Learning is a journey of nonstop amazement and the path to true happiness. Why would you ever stop learning? You should never stop learning because the benefits are endless. But learning must be done in perfectly planned stages with almost every bit of information and knowledge that is learned, is learned in the right order and learned at the right time. And almost all subjects should be learned simultaneously, especially when subjects share common knowledge and common goals. This not only speeds up learning, it also makes learning more effective and more efficient.

What is the lesson for today? If you don't have a lesson that was learned today, and if you are not learning anything new or important today, then you are not progressing or developing. The lesson for today is to never stop learning.

What if you knew of something that would definitely make your life better? Something that would help reduce the number of mistakes that you make, reduce the time wasted, reduce struggle and pain, reduce your vulnerabilities, and at the same time, increase your enjoyment, increase your productivity, and help you to become more effective and more efficient, and help to increase your understanding of yourself and the world around you, and give you endless possibilities and potential. This is what acquiring valuable knowledge does, but you have to learn, which is an ability that you were born with. The time and effort that you spend learning is definitely worth the investment. But you have to invest in the knowledge and skills that will give you the best return for your time and effort. The unlimited amount of shares of common BK101 stock are yours, but you have to invest the time and effort, after all, nothing in life is free, and everything is cause and effect.

Reading this website everyday is one of the best brain exercises that you can do. And it's also one of the best cognitive brain training programs that will help you to stay mentally fit and also keep your brain sharp. Learning new things is extremely important, especially things that will help you to increase your knowledge of yourself and increase your knowledge of the world around you. Brain games, crossword puzzles or brain teasers are not effective if you are not increasing your knowledge while you play. You have to be learning new knowledge and remembering things. You have to be processing new information and reprocessing old information. You have to be making new connections in your brain and strengthening old connections in your brain and deleting connections in your brain that are no longer relevant or being used, like bad habits or inaccurate facts. This makes BK101 one of the best mental fitness programs that you can do.

You no longer need to Live in the Dark. Knowledge brings Light to Everything.

Did you ever get that feeling that something was missing in your life? Well here it is. Everyone is missing valuable Knowledge and information, some more then others. But with a little effort and a little time, you can have that something that you have always been missing. It's time to Fill the void. Be a consumer of valuable knowledge and information. Be a BK101 Reader.

Every Problem can be Solved, you just have to Learn how to solve it.

If every person on the planet started to educate themselves today, then in ten years, almost every problem in the world would be solved. And the problems that have not yet been solved in ten years, would be solved eventually because millions of educated people would be working on solving those problems. And if you are unaware of all the problems that are now facing the world today, then the first problem that you will need to solve is how to start educating yourself today so that you are more aware of yourself and the world around you. This is your responsibility. An Education Revolution starts with you.

Why is Knowledge and Information so Important? Having necessary and sufficient knowledge and information is extremely beneficial to your quality of life. Everything that you do, and every thought that you have, is an expression of knowledge and information. There would be no life without knowledge and information. You need knowledge and information in order to live. Even every cell in your body depends on good information. So it makes perfect sense that you understand what knowledge and information is. The more you know, the better your chances will be in having a good life. And that is what we call a fact of life.

Use it or Lose it. Everyone has a brain. And everyone needs to feed the brain with the highest quality knowledge and information that is available. This will ensure that you will have all the necessary abilities and skills. But a person must still deliberately use the brain. Though the brain has automatic features, the brain still requires an operator. And the operator must be intelligent as humanly possible in order to use the brain effectively and efficiently as possible. If you don't use it, you lose it. And you will not only lose the enormous potential of the human brain, but you can also lose your health, your happiness, your freedom, your rights, your control, and your life. So it just makes sense to use your brain, and maintain the brain. The world is in your hands.

Welcome to the Worlds Learning Zone. One of the greatest collections of knowledge and information on the planet. How much we know now is incredibly amazing. This is what the internet is supposed to be like. This is what learning is supposed to be like. This is what schools are supposed to be like. BK101 is not all just basic knowledge, there is also some advanced knowledge here so you can have an idea where basic knowledge will lead you.

You can download the entire website or just copy and paste what you need.

When Reading BK101, don't get distracted by any of the bad words or opinions that you don't agree with. Keep reading and focus on the important information. Eventually you will realize whether certain words or opinions are relevant or not relevant, which is one of the most important skills to have. Instructions on how to use this website.

It's time to Unleash the power of learning. The future is now. Start your journey to super intelligence. Don't miss out. Start Binge Learning Today.

Knowledge is Key Knowledge is the Key to the Universe. Knowledge is the Key that Opens Doors to Possibilities. Knowledge is the Key that Unlocks the Mysteries of our World. Knowledge is the Key that Reveals an Endless Sea of Discoveries. Knowledge is Key, it's time to unlock your potential.

Key is something that serves as an essential component. Something crucial for explaining. A list of words or phrases that explain symbols or abbreviations. A generic term for any device whose possession entitles the holder to a means of access. A list of answers to a test. The central building block at the top of an arch or vault. Harmonize with or adjust to. Encryption Key.

"Many doors are locked, and there are a lot of locked doors in life, and knowledge is the key that unlocks doors and opens doors."

The more you know, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more control you have. The more control you have, the more power you have. The more power you have, the more freedom you have. The more freedom you have, the more potential you have. The more potential you have, the more possibilities you have. The more possibilities you have, the greater your life can be. This is a revolution of the mind. A revolutionary way of thinking. Life is about to get an upgrade.

The Value of Knowledge and Information is estimated to be in between $30 trillion and $195 quadrillion dollars. Knowledge is everything, without knowledge there is no life. The Value of Earth is worth at least ( $240 million / 8 people ) × 6.5 billion people on Earth = $195 quadrillion (that is, $1.95 × 1017). Assuming the total value of the gross world product is $30 Trillion. How would you define the value of the world without knowledge? Do you know what all our knowledge is worth? Knowledge is Power - given that power is a value in its own right. The worth and value of knowledge is in proportion to the worth and value of its object, which would be life. If citizens could increase their IQ by only 50 points, then the Countries GDP would increase by billions of dollars. Saving time saves money.

"I don't understand. Why the legend about the city of gold? Well, the Ugha word for 'gold' translates as 'treasure.' But their treasure wasn't gold, it was knowledge. Knowledge was their treasure." - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).

My Work is Public Knowledge but public knowledge doesn't always work. This is because knowledge that is made public is not always understood clearly enough in order to be fully utilized.

Knowledge alone does not always change behavior. Change is a process of learning and adapting, and change also takes time and experience, and instructions and guidance are just as valuable as the knowledge and information itself.

Collecting and Organizing the Worlds most Valuable Knowledge and Information since 2008

Basic Knowledge 101 Education Project: Goals, Objectives and Purposes.

Mission: Help people become more educated and help people to become more knowledgeable about themselves and the world around them. That is the simple explanation of BK101 and what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. Of course I do much more than that and I do many other things. But trying to explain everything that I do is almost impossible. The only way for a person to understand what I do is to read the entire website BK101.

One of the main goals is to create and design a Complete High Quality Education Curriculum from K through College, with easy to follow lessons, which will include interactive lessons, text books, videos, images, documents, encyclopedias, worksheets, tests, games, puzzles, etc.. These digitized courses will be developed into software that can be installed into small portable flash-drives that can run on any PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. The goal is to give more people access to a high quality education so that we can unleash the full potential of every person on the planet by giving every person the necessary skills, knowledge and information to solve any problem, to choose any career and to pursue any dream they wish. Learn to Read and get paid to learn.

Today we have the answers to almost every question. But how do we make sure that these answers are available to everyone? And not just the answers, but explanations, the directions, the research and the expert advice to go along with these answers. No one should have to walk around with unanswered questions. When we don't have the answers to our questions, we are more prone to mistakes, we are more vulnerable to manipulation, exploitation and abuse. We also waste time and resources. When a person lacks knowledge, it creates insecurities and confusion.

Lack of knowledge also lowers a persons potential, and decreases a persons ability to solve problems. Do you know which questions to ask? And do you know how to accurately analyze the answers to these questions?

What is the main purpose of Education?

Remember, this is just the beginning. This is mostly raw data in the early stages of development.

Advancing Education for the 21st Century

There is something that would solve all your problems and improve your life. And it's something that you have been doing most of your life, it's called learning. But in order for learning to be effective, you have to learn the right things at the right time. Everything that you are, and everything that you'll ever be, is directly related to what you know. And your life is also directly effected by what other people know. So knowing is extremely important when it comes to improving the quality of life. But the process of knowing is not totally defined. So the goal of this education project is to define the process of knowing, and to define what would be the most valuable knowledge and information that is currently available. And then determine at which time this knowledge would be best learned. This way, anyone who completes this education, will have the highest degree of intelligence that is currently obtainable, as well as the potential, the abilities, and the skills to pursue any career, and to live any quality of life that they wish to have.

Testing will only be used to assist each student in measuring their personal progress, and their personal performance, and also to determine the level intelligence that they have reached at a particular time. There will be no grades, you either pass or you don't pass. If you pass, then you move on to the next level, if you don't pass, then you keep trying until you reached the next level. And if a person needs extra help or guidance, then the student must seek out and use the resources available. There is no time limits, so you can go as fast as you want, or go as slow as you want. Intelligence is not a race. Intelligence is a process. Some will take more time, and some will take less time, but everyone will eventually pass, whether you're gifted or not so gifted. Each person will eventually have a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them, and, be able live their life to the fullest potential possible.

Schools today are just a primer. You don't finish school, because school is just an introduction. 80% of the worlds most important knowledge and information is outside the classroom. So the real learning comes after school. But that's only if you have access to the worlds most valuable knowledge and information, and, that's if you have a firm understanding about what you should be learning, and when.

Knowing what to do with your life comes from learning to understand what life is. Knowing comes from learning. So please, don't keep life waiting, life needs you, for everyone is important. The Human Operators Manual

The Thinker Man