Tools and Skills used to Transfer Information

Most all communication should be as if you are communicating with a child. Simplistic words and speech that's easy to understand. No hidden meanings, no games, and no yelling at a child, you need patience. Don't judge a person for their lack of knowledge, you should only try to discover how much knowledge they possess. The more you learn about someone's skill level and knowledge level, then you can communicate more complex messages if needed. Until then, be nice to the baby. No goo goo's or gaa gaa's, just plain old root language.

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2 Cans connected by one StringLearning to Read, Write and Communicate is extremely important. There is only so much that you can learn from just watching the world or from just listening to the world, and there is only so much that you can learn from your Experiences. If you can't read at a decent level of comprehension, you will not have access to most of the worlds most valuable knowledge and information, that is mostly in the Text Format. Even though we have good amount of information and knowledge on video, and a lot of images and sound, that still does not compare to the amount of knowledge and information that is in writing. Words are the Machine Language of the Brain. The more quality words that you have in your vocabulary, and the more words that you can comprehend, the more Potential you will have and the more you will Understand. Accurately measuring your comprehension level and the size of your Vocabulary is extremely important. So knowing the words in your Vocabulary is a must.

The Invention of Language

Communication ProcessSimultaneous Subject Teaching

Letters - Words - Symbols



Narrative Modes


Meanings - Variations




Word Games

Writing Tips

Writing Resources

Writing Quotes


Missing Letter Effect


Read to Learn

Speed Reading


Book Types


Audio Books

Books about Reading and Writing



Learning Languages


Hearing Problems

Blindness and Seeing Problems


Nonverbal Communication - Body Language

Listening and Hearing accurately when other People Speak

Talking and Speaking Effectively - Speech

Is Thinking and Talking to Yourself the same thing?

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The Thinker Man