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Depression is real and can also be life threatening. And like Happiness, Depression or Sadness, depression has many contributing factors. Human Chemistry is very sensitive and complex. We have learned that Thoughts can influence our Mood, and our Moods or Body can influence our Thoughts. Make sure you sleep good, eat healthy, talk, learn, and exercise.

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Everyone gets depressed. But for some people depression is a serious debilitating illness. Finding the correct treatment is very difficult. But the more treatment options that you can learn about the better your chances will be in getting the right kind of help.
There are many internal factors and many external factors that need to be defined. So be very careful with assessments. Learn as much as you can about the phycology of the self and be very careful with medications, because certain drugs can make things worse.

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Rhodiola Rosea

We also know that the brain changes, and certain areas like the Hippocampus, may Shrink, which can cause a person to be emotionally sensitive and unable to control emotions. You can easily attach an Emotion to a certain thought or memory. This could trigger a depression that will last long after the thought or memory is over. So if you recognize what thought or memory triggered that depressive feeling then you could train yourself not to react in a depressive or negative way to that memory or thought in the future. This way that thought or memory will not trigger a depression because you are now aware of the negative influence of this memory, thought, or situation, and now you understand it and now you can move past it without it causing you to feel depressed anymore. This also applies to future actions or future situations that you must contend with. If you feel Anxiety or worry about future situations then you must separate these emotions from the actual information so that you can clearly understand this moment in the future.

Pharmaceutical Precautions and Information

Two of the neurochemicals that have an important role in mental health, particularly anxiety and depression, are glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid or ‘GABA’ for short. Elevated levels of glutamate have been found in the brains of people with
depression, specifically in the basal ganglia, an area that has a key role in motor control, motivation and decision-making. High levels of glutamate in this part of the brain have been associated with anhedonia (an inability to experience pleasure), and slow motor function. When glutamate is too high, it can become toxic to neurons and glia (the cells that make sure the brain stays healthy). There is extensive research evidence that supports the relationship between systemic inflammation and depression.
People with depression have all the primary markers of systemic inflammation (caused by stress, diet, toxins, allergies, illness). Researchers now think that one of the ways that inflammation may do this is by increasing glutamate levels in critical areas of the brain.

Neurochemistry is the science that studies the functions of neurochemicals.
The role of inflammation in depression: from evolutionary imperative to modern treatment target
Towards a glutamate hypothesis of depression
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We have learned a lot about how our human chemistry and how it can affected by our environment, and by the choices that we make. We have learned that the human body needs maintenance in order for it to maximize its physical abilities. Some of this maintenance includes Proper Sleep, Proper Food, Proper Exercise and Avoiding Allergies and sensitivities from the environment. To me depression is a Chemical Reaction, or information in the brain, that is misinterpreted, which makes your thoughts difficult to control and not easy to understand. Don't confuse Apathy or Annoyance with Depression, because being Cranky could just be from a lack of Sleep. And you also don't want to confuse Grief and Disappointment with Depression either because those feelings should only be temporary. We have learned to never underestimate the importance of this human responsibility of maintaining a healthy and strong body. The main reason being that proper exercise and proper food intake also controls the human chemistry that we depend on to work properly. And we need to understand as much as we can about our human chemistry if we are to recognize when things are not correct. Reoccurring concerns that we experience are questions that we need to answer completely or they will continue to show up in our thought processes. So again Problem Solving Skills show us just how important these skills are to have and how they can be applied to almost every area of our lives. Our Relationships with other people can also have both positive and negative impacts on our chemistry. When these impacts are negative, these types of stresses can cause confusion in our human chemistry. But just being physically strong will not guarantee that you will not struggle with your emotions or recognize when your thinking has become impaired. You need to be knowledgeable about the abilities of the Human Brain. You have to determine which chemical imbalances are accurate and which chemical signals are inaccurate. We do this by asking the right questions and by analyzing the right areas of our body. You need to look at all the influences before you decide on what changes to make and when to make them. Be very cautious when it comes to Medications because you may just be treating the symptoms and not the cause, which in the long run could make your depression worse. Be Very Careful when Experimenting with Drugs, especially Pharmaceuticals.  There's a difference between Worrying, Anxieties and Depression?

Don't be a Debbie Downer, be a Pollyanna instead.  

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"You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there." 
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Boredom does not exist. You either forgot what you are doing or you are unaware of your options and capabilities.

Anhedonia is the inability to enjoy things or feel excitement or experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable.

"Regularly use of the Internet can have a 33 percent reduction in depression, that's if you use it right."

Ingestion of Lactobacillus strain regulates emotional behavior and central GABA Receptor expression in a mouse via the vagus nerve.  
Lactobacillus Acidophilus 

A randomized controlled trial to test the effect of multispecies probiotics on cognitive reactivity to sad mood. What do you say to someone who's depressed? Tell them.."I'm Here For You, how can I help?" Tell them.."Let's Do Something, lets take a walk, lets talk to someone, let's go somewhere nice. Tell them...I Don't Know Exactly What You're Feeling, But It Has To Be Hard. Try not to talk, listen carefully to the person. Don't give stupid advice or say stupid things. Like don't worry you'll get better, or, don't feel bad because there are people who have it worse then you.

What therapists should do

If sadness is created by me, then sadness does not exist, and hopelessness does not exist. Perspective should be based on correct calculations of the facts, but I'm not always aware of all the math that's involved. So what ever I'm feeling is not exactly accurate. And as soon I start checking for accuracy, I find out that the sadness was misrepresented, so my feeling of hopelessness was just a feeling, and not based on any facts. So I have no proof that things are hopeless. So the fact is, you can't prove things are hopeless, because once you start trying to calculate its existence, it's gone. And that is mostly because possibilities are every where. So I either forgot that the possibilities were there, or I never took the time to look for them, always take time to look.

System Reboot

Be extremely careful, don't relate yourself to a word that describes a feeling of very little importance, something that is vague, something that cannot be accurately interpreted.

The sun shines even on cloudy days, so when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.   Life Quotes

Onism is false, irrelevant and narrow minded. To see the world from only your experience is to see very little, and to know very little. Besides, some experiences are better to read about then they are to physically experience yourself. You can't do it all, you can't do everything and you can't know everything. But together, we can do everything, and we can know everything. Though we are individuals, we are still one, one unique species, among millions of other species. We are part of a growing universe, part of a growing galaxy, part of a growing world. Our future ahead of us stretches billions of years. We have created more experiences in the last 100 years then we have in our entire existence here on earth. Does it mean we need to experience them all? No. Does it mean we need to see it all? No. Does it mean we need to know it all? No. Do as much as you can, learn as much as you can, share as much as you can and enjoy as much as you can. Leave the sorrow and self pity with the ignorance from which it came. We have no time for sadness, or ignorant points of view that are based on misconceptions and narrow mindedness.

Live, Learn, Love and Prosper...Let's get on with this... 

The Thinker Man